I’m Sarath Kumar pursuing MBA International Business Mangement I’m completed first year of course. Entering into second year.

Sarath Kumar, MBA (International Business Student

Such a extraordinary institute which allows you to express yourself and helps you to choose your own path of studying. Their care and guidance in this pandemic are necessary one for student like me who are pursuing their PG degree in correspondence and they are doing it on another level.

Ajith Balaji, MCA.

The very first process to appreciate was the University's move to inform us well in advance about conducting exams online. It did not happen that we were left in confusion as many others in professional courses or other universities. As we were well aware of the online procedures, it was not difficult to cope. The technical aspects were much improved than the past experiences.

Abbinaya Swathi CK

Thanks to the institute for conducting academic as well as other classes which is very useful for our practical life too. Thanks for a great session. It was really very nice to learn about commerce.


"Feeling Good to be part of te institution. Nice having session with industry experts " "Nice to have this session It was informative It was useful Learning from experts is pleasure"


First of all Just I want to tell thanks to who all the person till guiding me why because when ever I will contact them they will immediately giving the information not that only I feel very blessed one of candidate in our academic even now I will not see anywhere like this caring and very responsible guiding


Today class was very interested It's like warm up for me because in 11th commerce there is a lesson about types of business organization like sole proprietorship, Joint Hindu family business etc... Then clearly explained about internal and external stakeholders with examples and asked some questions for internal and external so it's very usefull to find out. Then types of interests topic also very usefull and learned newly about this. Thanks for your wonderful sessions.


Such an innovative session awaiting for more classes

Monisha Sri N

student of BBA department.. First i am appreciating the Sri pashmi for giving this opportunity.. πŸ‘Really it gives me a highest level of confidence to my career! I thing this is a wonderful environment to achieve my goals faster.. Thank you so much once again!! Have a great heights πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Institution provides useful sessions with good staff members and also the institute assists and guides the students in a good way. I enjoyed each and every session and would like to attend more useful sessions. I thank all the staff members and the Institute's management for providing us with these wonderful sessions. Thank you.

Mohamed Mukhthardeen K.A.